Change Management Coaching

Sometimes learning from a book, attending a conference or completing a new qualification isn't hitting the mark in helping us be more effective in the workplace (and home). There are times when an individual approach based on focusing on experiences in the "here and now" will provide greater awareness and confidence to change.

During our coaching sessions, you will have the space to develop the ability to think and reflect so that you can learn better responses during the chaos and uncertainty of change.

You will learn to:

  • Develop the ability to see for yourself what is helping or hindering you to become more self-aware in your own experiences
  • Build your capacity to identify and implement your own solutions to help you deal with life beyond the coaching sessions

The coaching model will take you through four cyclical phases:

  • Exploration– identifying what’s important to you and why
  • Discovery – how you can change your thinking, language and behaviour to experience better relationships and ways of working
  • Practice – adapting your behaviours and observing the changes
  • Consolidation – checking-in and celebrating your successes

Are you looking for a practical, people focused approach to project success?