Change Management Consulting

One of the biggest causes of failure in projects is when organisations embark on a change (such as implementing new technology) without factoring in the impact on their employees. You can dramatically reduce this risk by focusing on the people side of the implementation alongside the project delivery. Engage your people early so that they are willing and able to embrace the project outcomes to deliver the business results.

We plan, deliver and successfully complete the people change alongside the project implementation. We work with your leadership, internal delivery teams and vendors to deliver projects that embed change into your organisation with an engaged workforce.

Change management consulting includes:

  • Preparation – understanding your barriers and opportunities for change and laying the early foundations
  • Planning – designing your way forward including a change management strategy, readiness assessments, sponsorship model and communication plan
  • Delivery – implementing your change and transitioning people to new ways of working through training, managing resistance and regular check-ins
  • Completion – evaluating your success, reinforcing the change, celebrating and wrapping up
During the change process individuals, groups and organisations will learn about the tensions and conflicts that are barriers to change. You will understand and work through your fears and aspirations so that you are ready to take up your roles in the new way of working.

Are you looking for a practical, people focused approach to project success?